what's your hidden fire?


I believe we all possess something I like to call "The Hidden Fire." Somewhere, deep down inside of us all, lies a hidden desire to be something more than what meets the human eye; something more than the excuses we make for not finishing a project, following through with an idea, or leaving that 9-5 we've been dreading for so long. Somewhere, deep down inside of every single individual, lies the desire to be creative.

Now, I don't mean that in a derogatory way. If you are doing work that isn't considered "creative," I am not saying that you go through life loathing your everyday existence. What I am saying, though, is that many of us yearn to be like the kids we once were, again. We start our journeys as children; open to the world, new ideas, different methods of experimentation, friends and so much more. We swiftly transition into teenagers; angry and rebellious, immature and goofy, fun-loving and confusing. Somewhere in-between, we become adults and are expected to act in certain ways.

We should know how to manage our finances, We should understand how to navigate our careers, how to confront problems, how to build relationships, how to ask for a raise, how to position ourselves in every aspect of our lives, and we should know when it's time to get married. The list goes on and on. It can be frustrating, confusing, and downright infuriating if you ask me.

So, I ask you this question,

"What is your hidden fire?"

If you could wake up every single day on your own terms, what would you do? How would you spend your time? What kind of work would you do? Would it differ from your current day-to-day? I bet you will be surprised by your own answers.

If you asked me the same question five years ago, my answers would vary completely from my responses today. Maybe that is just how life works. Or, maybe I am finally starting to realize my true calling in this world.

I turned 27 on Wednesday and spent my day reminiscing on my life and giving thanks for being alive. I went through old photos, received texts from old friends, and was overcome with a sensational feeling of gratitude and gratefulness. We are all brought into this world without our asking, and what we do with our lives, is completely up to us.

So, I ask you again, what is your hidden fire?

Are you doing it at your current occupation? On the side? Or, are you neglecting it, completely; hitting yourself with the "I'll do it tomorrow" or the "I really want to start doing something like that, someday" excuses? I've been there before. We all have. But, in that moment when you decide to carry out that hidden fire, your entire life begins to light up with excitement and opportunity.

Once you start doing and creating what has been burning inside of you subconsciously for so long, everything else starts to fall into place. Sure, I still have my issues and my challenges, but after I started taking more photos, writing more, analyzing my favorite films, creating my own personal/professional website, and building my following to share my work on Instagram, those little problems weren't really nagging me any longer. I felt free. I felt alive. And, most importantly, I was having fun! In a world driven by media-consumption and a constant ticker on the news and nuclear war updates, what ever happened to letting go and having some good old fashioned fun?

When that fun commences, that hidden fire starts to crackle. Childhood years of dreams and memories begin to flood back, and suddenly, you may begin to see why you were born in the first place. Take a second and remember those early days you spent laughing with family and friends, having fun, running around the neighborhood, or pretending you were a Hollywood star, or a paleontologist searching for dinosaur fossils. You'll be amazed by what your brain starts to cook up, as your hidden fire awaits.

It's been waiting to burn for so long.