Wale Saved His Best For “The Album About Nothing”

D.C. native and MC, Wale, concluded the month of March with the release of his fourth studio album The Album About Nothing. 

Continuing the trend from his Mixtape About Nothing (2008), and More About Nothing (2010), Wale has always been a major supporter of the hit sitcomSeinfeld and specifically the show’s lead character Jerry Seinfeld.

Wale wanted to meet the massively popular comedian for quite some time, yet never got the chance to do so until he met Seinfeld’s wife – a major hip-hop and Wale fan that connected the two.

Instantly, the rapper and standup comic shared a special bond, and Seinfeld signed on to narrate The Album About Nothing. Unlikely pairing? Absolutely. But unlikely pairings are what make the world go round and the duo teamed up for an excellent new album from the District of Columbia MC.

Seinfeld makes his presence known from the album’s opening introduction, and the light sounds of a soulful piano melody quickly ensue. Over the years, Wale has never had trouble setting the tone and bringing a positive vibe to his tracks. From mixtapes to album records, the D.C. rapper understands the soulful sounds that work for his style of wordplay, and “The Intro About Nothing” is no exception. 

It’s also apparent that Wale possesses a special quality as an artist and a musician. He knows what his true fans enjoy, yet he isn’t afraid to experiment with new sounds and styles on every album he creates. Listening to The Album About Nothing, you’re taken on a completely different journey than that of 2009’sAttention Deficit, 2011’s Ambition and 2013’s The Gifted.

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