1. Who were some of the main influences in your life growing up in
Connecticut? How have they affected your music today?

Felly: Starting out like late 8th grade, there were two main dudes in CT that I looked up to.  Chris Webby and OnCue.  I’ve grown to heavily dislike Webby nowadays but still fuck with Cue, he’s cool.  Still though I gotta credit Webby’s “White Noise LP” (I think it’s called) for getting me really into hip-hop.  It just made me comfortable with the art and got me writing – mostly shit without substance though, which is why he kinda faded out to me.   

2. Who are some of your influences/idols in the music industry today?
Whose music are you always buying?

Felly: Today I’m inspired by a handful of people.  Starting with the oldies – I draw from Ahmad Jamal, Curtis Mayfield, Billie Holliday, Bob Marley, Sam Cooke, and Eddie Kendricks.  There’s a bunch more honestly but those are just some of the older musicians I’ve gotten into from working with vinyl. Blu, Kendrick Lamar, Cole, Soulo, Q, Wax, 9th Wonder, Big, Action Bronson, Atmosphere, and Sene are some major ones as well.  They’re all real dope and keep me bumpin late into the night.  

3. The first Rap/Hip-hop CD you can remember your mom buying for you?
(Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise for me)

Felly: First hip-hop album I got?  Elephunk by Black Eyed Peas when I was 9 years old I think.  Sorry for those who want me to say I was coppin Wu-Tang albums or some shit when I was that age, but that just wasn’t the case.  For real though, I still mess with Elephunk til this day.  Most people are probably unaware of the album but I can tell you that shit bumped.  

4. When did you first realize that producing/making and writing music
was something that could be a possible future?

Felly: I think 8th grade was the year I realized I wanted to pursue music.  I always messed with it just like I messed with everything else but when I started to realize I cared more for making songs than I did about hockey and lacrosse things got a bit more real.  The passion sort of just fell into place in my last few months of junior high and I was down with it.  I began 8th grade making like parody songs with my friends Nate and Matt and left 8th grade working on my own shit and taking it really seriously.  

5. You talk about doing it for the love of music, and not for the fame
and fortune on many of your songs. How has it been handling some
initial success in your hometown and friends/fans expectations on a
daily basis?

Felly: The love from my hometown and from people I’ve never met before is really just awesome.  It’s hard to explain.  But when you’re with your boys at some random function and people come up to you and tell you they’re down with you,  there’s not really a better feeling.  I do talk about being in it for the music rather trying to be the limelight all the time but the truth is, once you get a good amount of people fuckin with you, your drive to get everybody fuckin with you increases like no other.  The music is definitely first because I’d still be doing this shit if I had no one looking at me, but I can’t act like gaining fans and people to ride with me is insignificant.  The local respect just pushes me to go harder with all this,  so I really can’t be like “I don’t care about any of you, let me make my music.”

6. I’ve got a gun to your head, and you’ve only got time for one
answer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Felly:  I’ll break your arm.  5 years:  Making music in Los Angeles, going on tour around the world, working with other artists, and giving back to my family and friends.  10 years:  Still making music, with a nice lil lady, working in the music industry, and coolin out on the beach.  

7. If there was one thing the world should know about you…what would it be?

Felly: I’ve stared at this question for a good 8 minutes.  I guess I’d just like to let the world know I  wish some of y’all had more passion in you.  I often feel like I’m the only one with dreams nowadays and people are looking at me weirdly because of that.  Lets all get inspired and do big shit.  

8. What’s the best music memory you have to this day?

Felly: My favorite music memory goes back to 9th grade when my three brothers and sister all had a party at our house when our parents were away.  It was like 1 am and my brothers friends wanted me to rap so I threw on a cd of 17 instrumentals.  We had them bumping through the outdoor speakers and I rapped through the whole cd, almost an hour without breaks.  It was summer and everyone was just sittin around getting high and listening to me.  I dunno how I managed to freestyle for that long but it was dope.  I was dissing my sisters boyfriend and shit and people were just loving it.  Definitely a turning point in my life where I realized how fun music really is.  

9. Favorite rapper right now?

Felly: I’d say Kendrick to be honest.  I’m listening to his joint “Heaven and Hell” while I write this and it’s pretty reassuring.  Dude is revolutionary.  

10. Favorite producer?

Felly: My favorite producer is probably Hit-Boy or 9th Wonder.  Hit-Boy has made some of my favorite beats of all time and continues to surprise me.  9th has always been dope, some beats better than others, but definitely a great dude and a huge inspiration.