Catching up with chris felner

 Connecticut hip-hop artist/producer Chris Felner aka "Felly" (

Connecticut hip-hop artist/producer Chris Felner aka "Felly" (

Earlier this week, I had a chance to chat with Chris “Felly” Felner for another interview on Rise and Vibe.  It’d been awhile since we last got an opportunity to sit down with the now college student, producer and rapper, and it was nice catching up with him again.  You can check out the interview and some more of his music here:

Felly Music

Felly Bandcamp

1.) So, not sure if all of our reader know this, but you’re out in L.A. right now going to school for music, correct?  What’s it like out there for you right now?  What is your major actually called?

Fel: Yea man I go to U Southern California and I’m in the music school here studying Music Industry.  To be real, I’ve always hated school and still do.  But I am taking a lot of helpful, relative classes at the moment so that’s a plus.  Recording Arts, music theory, piano, shit like that.  I know it’ll all help in the long run – I’d just rather do my own shit though.

2.) I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube lately, which are hilarious by the way, and we’ll be posting some of them on the site here as well.  Anyways, I always think it’s cool when musicians, athletes and people document their lives and give people a behind-the-scenes look on what they’re doing everyday.  What gave you the idea to do these videos?  Any other ideas brewing with them?

F: I appreciate it.  The FelCams came to mind after realizing I do have a pretty funny and eventful life and I love to re-live moments through film, so I’ve started to just document a lot of the cooler shit I do.  I started out watching a lot of other artist’s “day to days” like the rapper Wax’s “Wax Weekly” and Wiz’s “Day Today”.   I thought those were all pretty cool and just wanted to get my life out there a little more.  I don’t really like hiding anything from people I don’t see a purpose in that.  I think the Felcams will continue and start to get more interesting but other than that, I’ll probably be putting out a lot of behind the scenes videos that don’t really fit in with the Felcam series.  I have some dope footage from a day of shooting a short film for my friend in Brooklyn.  That should be coming next.

3.) What’s coming up for you in the next couple of months?  I saw you doing some live stuff in the vids, and was interested in hearing more about that.  What’s brewing in Felly’s world right now?

F: I have a beat tape/beats for sale album called “Black Instruments” that I’m gonna try to get out late February/early March.  I’ve been delaying the shit out of it just because I’ve been so busy but that should be pretty dope.  I know a lot of people need beats at all times so this should be good for that crowd, and should also put some extra money in my pocket which would be helpful.  Other than that, I’ve been writing and recording a pretty decent amount.  I’ll probably put something small out with those recordings for now.  Lastly, I’ll be putting out a new merch line this month.

4.) I’m guessing you’re making some pretty awesome musical connections out there.  Would you mind telling me a little more about that?  What kind of musicians are you working with in the dorm and such?  That’s got to be a great dorm lifestyle…

F: The dorms suck haha.  Don’t mistake that.  But yea I have met some people who are pretty into my movement and are pursuing their own goals – so we’ve been working together.  I’ve met dudes who make films, work in graphic design, merchandise, and of course the musicians.  I’ve done a lot of practicing with my dude who goes by the name Gypsy Burns.  He drums and we’ve just been trying to perform some live hip hop.  I also have a homie named Jake Standley who started a little blog about our music and our lifestyles as kids in college.  check it out.

 5.) How has the school side of things been?  School’s tough, I’ll never forget those Sundays alone after a long weekend and seeing all of the school work pile up.  How’ve you been handling that?  What’s the work load like on the musical side of things?

F: I fuckin hate school man.  I want to leave haha.  I get so worked up when I think about the hours I’ve put into the most irrelevant studies and how much more fulfilled I get from pursuing my artistry.  I hate that it’s a norm to go to college – or at least something that is viewed as essential.  I’ll probably follow through reluctantly through this whole process but we’ll have to see what happens.  I’m just bitter because it takes away from the time I could spend killing it.  So rather than going 100% in music I have to tone that down a lot to deal with shit like memorizing how many milliseconds a flanger delays a sound signal.

6.) Who are your biggest musical inspirations out there right now?  Have you been blown away by any local talent out there and feel yourself being completely drawn to their music and sound?

F: I’m completely blown away by Isaiah Rashad and King Krule at the moment.  Those two have really been resonating with me.

7.) I remember being exposed to so many different kinds of people, backgrounds and music during my time at Miami University.  What’s that experience been like for you?  I just remember becoming a completely different person from high school, after being exposed to so many new ideas.  Can you relate with that at all?

F: Yea absolutely.  I’m meeting some crazy people out here.  Swedish producers who love making house music as much as I expected, girls who sing like you’ve never heard, a bunch of jazz guys, and more.  This place literally has every type of person you just have to look in the right places.  Some of them are pretty inspiring for sure.  I’m interested to expand outside of USC though cause at times I do feel like this place is sort of a bubble, so we’ll have to see what’s to come.  Thanks for having me yo.  Stay tuned.