Are WE afraid our dreams?


Are We Afraid of our dreams?

Do you ever feel as if you’re working to find that other job that will catapult you into your eventual dream job?

Or, if you are even on the right path to your dreams at all?

Or, those days you’re tired as all hell and would like nothing more than to escape to a remote island with no responsibilities or cell phone service?

Is that just me? Are there more of you out there?

“Hello — Hello”

Queue Zoolander:

Often, I’m afraid of my dream job.

Afraid to take it to the next level.

Afraid of the changes that this new life might bring.

Afraid of the person that might change.

Isn’t that crazy?

If you’re still reading this, you and I are probably on the same page. If you’re still reading this and can’t stand me, it’s okay, I can fully admit that I do not care anymore.

If you’re still reading this, but are interested in hearing more, well, then let’s go for it.

After reading a lot of amazing writers on here — *cough, cough Jon Westenberg and driving direct inspiration from his latest piece, I wanted to take a different route in helping explain his idea of the creative’s complications.

These creative complications stem from fear and uncertainty that the life on the other side might not be as cool as I believe it to be. I’m talking Stuart Scott ‘as cool as the other side of the pillow’ type cool here, not the ‘gnarly, dude!’ type of cool, by the way.

Either way, my creative complications come from self-doubt and anger that I’m not working as hard as I should be, or finding nearly enough time to follow my writing goals and dreams. It’s tough to talk to many other people about this because not many of them feel the same way that I do.

In fact, most of them think I’m crazy, so I usually keep to myself about it. Lately, my stance has changed and I’m throwing it out there to the universe and all the other creatives as well. So, if you’ve felt these range of emotions before, just know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Do not give up. Do not give in. Just keep going.

I’m 26 and have a really long way to go. I’m sure at 72 years old(praying I make it that far), I’ll feel the same way in some instances. There will always be challenges, and for the past few months, I haven’t given enough attention to the fact that there will always be challenges.

Eventually, I hope to own my own restaurant and some creative businesses that I can truly call my own someday.

Some of these include: a customer-service type coaching business, an entertainment website/podcast, a sports-centered website, a marketing services company, a personal basketball trainer, a writing tutor type freelance gig— shit, the list goes on and on and on — and on.

Those were the scariest two sentences I’ve ever typed. Those dreams have never been written for others to see before, so I’m indifferent towards sharing those thoughts, but like I said, I’m throwing that shit out to the universe, ya’ll.

These are the dreams that keep me coming back for more.

A few months ago, however, that was extremely difficult. I held too many negative feelings and created too many disastrous scenarios in my head that had never even occurred.

In other words, I was directing my own tragedy.

If I want to make these dreams come true, I need to start taking the steps now to ensure that they do. Sometimes, I fall into the bitterness trap until I’m reminded of the abundance of resources available to step your game up; to make a difference in this world. It’s not going to come easy, but what great things ever do?

I read many stories of movie scripts (Rocky) rejected time, after time, after time, until they’re eventually cult classics and have more sequels that Antonio Cromartie has children.

That’s a lot, folks….

I stay motivated by learning about far less fortunate individuals that work and work and work to achieve their dreams, and stop at nothing to do so. It can be overwhelming at times, but like anything, I’m aware that I need to keep it all in perspective.

So, where does this leave us?

Oh yes, right.

For starters, we living in a current state of technology in which countless voices are heard, responded to and talked about in online and social communities. That sounds pretty positive to me, no?

Most likely, none of you readers would have come across this article, ten, even five, years ago. Sure, this new technological age has a dark side, but to those of you out there looking to fight the good fight, we couldn’t be living in a better time period to spread our art to the world around us.

I’ve never before called my writing “art” so there’s another big leap I’ve taken in this Medium article.

It’s liberating. It’s fucking scary. Yet, I know that it must be accomplished in order to “Level Up” Mario style….

My hopes are to unite a group of us on here that are ready to face their fears. In doing that, we’ll share a common bond and ideology which will help us build our creative projects together.

Interested in chatting? Hit me up at and let’s talk. I’m right there with you. I was just too afraid to say anything until now.

If you like my writings, you can find more of my art Thank YOU for the support.

It means more than you’ll ever know.